Exhibition: The Second World War – Barnsley’s Story

Barnsley Museums Digital Curator Michael Hardy introduces the digital resources that accompany our Barnsley World War Two exhibition, which was held at Experience Barnsley in 2020. This was one of our first explorations into online exhibitions.

We’ve always planned using new methods to give our exhibitions longevity online. Covid 19 has sped these plans up a little. For those who missed our #BarnsleyWW2 exhibition we have tried to bring you as many aspects of it into your living room as possible!

This is best viewed in full screen, you can read most of the object labels too by pausing the video at any point

The soundtrack from the exhibition, includes snippets from Ian McMillan and the late and much missed Harry Leslie Smith

A short worksheet used in the exhibition – answers on the back page if you need them, but no cheating!

Syd Rhodes
These were the stories that were sent in via Whatsapp and email. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

For further reading here is most of the text featured in the exhibition

More #BarnsleyWW2 related audio!

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