I Grew Up In The 80s Exhibition

Following the success of his hit Star Wars-themed exhibition May The Toys Be With You, collector and cultural commentator Matt Fox has devoted himself to exploring a 1980s childhood through the iconic objects of this colourful era during which so much changed.

I Grew Up In The 80s an exhibition at Experience Barnsley allows you to travel through the cultural landscape of childhood in 1980s Britain, revisiting the vibrancy, quirkiness and innovation that symbolised the period. From Betamax to BMX, the Rubik’s Cube to the ZX Spectrum, the Thompson Twins to Transformers.

This carefully curated time capsule of over 200 treasures showcase the youthful exuberance of this much-loved time. A wide array of wonderfully preserved objects and beautifully framed 2D works; encompassing toys, technology, music, sport, fashion, food, film, books, TV and much more.

Like Bill and Ted in their phone booth, or Marty McFly in his DeLorean, I Grew Up 80s will take visitors on a time-travelling adventure to revisit ten remarkable years. If you grew up during the 80s, get ready to exclaim: “I remember that!”

The current lockdown has temporarily delayed the opening of the exhibition but we have a blog filled with activities to keep you going in the meantime….

360° Virtual Tour

click on the image to take the tour!

Something that you definitely wouldn’t have been able to do in the 1980s (even with the invention of teletext!) take a virtual tour of the exhibition. While you’re in our virtual exhibition space click on any of the hotspots to find out more information and where available watch YouTube videos. Once you’ve completed the tour please let us know your favourite objects in the exhibition tag us and #IGUIT80s in your social media posts.

Meet The Team – 1980s Style

We would love for you to share your 80s photos and memories with us! We’re going to lead by example and each week a member of the Barnsley Museums team is going to share their memories and photographs: Get in touch with us on any of our social media channels with any memories you’d like to share. We’d particularly appreciate anything Christmas related. Take a look at this album from Barnsley Archives of photos from Lobwood Infant School, Worsbrough in the early 1980s:

1980 Christmas - No 13
Click on the arrows above to navigate through an album of over 70 photos from the collection….

Play Our Digital Cube!

In celebration of the IGUIT80s exhibition and the Rubik’s Cube celebrating its 40th anniversary we have created our bespoke digital challenge! Simply follow this link: https://bit.ly/BarnsleyMuseumsRubiksCube

1980s Playlist

We asked our social media followers to help us create a soundtrack for the exhibition, and we weren’t disappointed! These are the suggestions so far, we’ll continue to add others too!

Guess The Teletext

Remember the days of Teletext and having to wait patiently for the pages to change? We’ve decided not to recreate that frustration of missing the page you’d been waiting for and instead we’re emulating the graphics. Every Wednesday on our social media pages we are inviting you to guess the pixelated object from the exhibition or our collections:

‘Pinterest In The 80s’

If you have a Pinterest in the 80s then check out our Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/Barnsley_Museums/1980s-barnsley/

All the objects in the Pinterest board are new additions to the main gallery in Experience Barnsley

1980s Activity Booklet

For lots more 80s related activities check out our 80s booklet:

Visit our website for more information and details about our re-opening plans:



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