Welcome to the Barnsley Museum podcasts. They provide a window into some of the things we do as a museums service, and some of the wonderful people that we have the pleasure of working with. They are between 15 minutes and an hour long. We will post links to new episodes here as soon as they are available. You can also find them on soundcloud, spotify and other podcast platforms.

Latest Episode: Barnsley Heritage Connects – Virtual Coffee Morning

Like the rest of the world we have been using Zoom to stay in touch with one another during lockdown. This podcast is a compilation of these virtual coffee mornings. If you don’t already please follow Barnsley Heritage Connects on social media.

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Episode 1: Muslan Musings. In conversation with Ian McMillan

Spend 30 minutes in the company of writer, broadcaster and all round good egg, Bard of Barnsley Ian McMillan.

Episode 2: Sounds a Bit Tinny (Barnsley Canister Company)

In 2019 we held an exhibition about the Barnsley Canister Company, known locally as ‘tin oyle’. Listen to a few of the wonderful stories we collected from former employees.

Episode 3: Elsecar Newcomen Dig

Visit the last day of the community archaeology dig at the Elsecar Newcomen Engine in July 2019. Click here to listen via soundcloud.

Episode 4: Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership, end of the show show

Listen in as we say a fond farewell to the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership, a five year project to  to protect, preserve and enhance the unique and varied landscape of the Dearne Valley, in partnership with the local communities, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The project finished in 2019 and we had a huge end of the show show to celebrate. Click here to listen.

Episode 5: Barnsley for Bargains

Memories of Barnsley Markets. “Something for the young, something for the not so young, something for everyone.” With memories from Harry Brookes (photographer) and an oral history interview with Anne Untisz, former head of Barnsley Markets. Click here to listen.

Episode 6: #ThanksToYou

A selection of clips from the Barnsley Museums Sound Archive, to celebrate the ‘Joy of Sound and Vision’ project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, which enabled us to make our sound and film archive accessible to the public for the first time. Join us to say #ThanksToYou to the NLHF for the amazing work they do. Click here to listen.

Episode 7: Brookestock Tour

Join artist Terry Brookes as he gives a VIP tour of his 2019 fantasy rock festival at the Cooper Gallery. Originally created to accompany the exhibition. Click here to listen via soundcloud.

Episode 8: Maurice Dobson Museum

Join us for a tour of the amazing Maurice Dobson Museum and Heritage Centre in Darfield, with museum volunteer Ken. Click here to listen via soundcloud.

Episode 9: International Women’s Day

An International Women’s Day special with the Barnsley Women Against Pit Closures, revisiting the hugely popular Coal Not Dole Exhibition at Experience Barnsley in 2014. Click here to listen.

Episode 10: Picturing Hoyland

In 2019 we set out to recreate an unusual collection of photographs of Hoyland in the 1950s, complete with props and a trilby hat. Click here to hear more about it.

Episode 11: In conversation with Mel Dyke

A special hour-long episode chatting to the wonderful Mel Dyke MBE. Known to many as ‘Mrs Barnsley’ Mel is an inspirational teacher, author, educationalist, arts and heritage campaigner. Click here to listen.

Episode 12 In conversation with: Dickie Bird

In 2014 Paul Stebbing, Barnsley Archives & Local Studies Officer had a chat with Harold Dennis “Dickie” Bird about his early years Click here to listen.

Episode 13: Elsecar Newcomen Engine Soundscape

Sit back and listen to the beautiful soundscape created for the Elsecar Newcomen Engine by sound artist and musician Andy Seward, as part of the Elsecar Newcomen Dig in July 2019.

Read more here: https://bit.ly/DiggingTheEarlsGreatEngine

Click here to listen.

Episode 14: In conversation with – Trevor Wilkes – former Barnsley Canister Company employee

n 2018 there was an exhibition at Experience Barnsley all about The Barnsley Canister Company. As part of this our Community Heritage Curator, Steven Skelley spoke to lots of former employees. One the interviewees was Trevor Wilkes

Click here to listen.

Episode 15: Hear My Voice – On The Buses

Recorded in 2017 as part of our National Poetry Day celebrations enjoy poerty and music from Ian McMillan, Jacqui Wicks, Ralf Dartford and Ray Hearne which was recorded on buses around Barnsley and Wakefield

Click here to listen.

Episode 16 – In Conversation With….Seventh Son

As this weekend would have been Barnsley Live we have delved into our archives to re-visit this interview we did with Seventh Son ahead of the opening of Experience Barnsley in June 2013 – almost everything on display in the museum has been donated by the people of Barnsley including donations by local rockers Seventh Son.

Click here to listen.

Episode 17: The Barnsley Museums Wellbeing Podcast – Body scan exercise

As part of our #BarnsleyCares project Nicole from QDos Creates demonstrates a body scan exercise:

Click here to listen.

Episode 18: Pogmoor Feast & Yorkshire Puddings – The poetry of Joy Winkler

Joy Winkler grew up in Pogmoor in the 1960s although she has since left Barnsley Joy still has fond memories of Barnsley which she has captured beautifully in these poems. She now lives in Macclesfield and became Cheshire’s Poet Laureate in 2005
This interview was recorded as part of the Barnsley Archives Joy of Sound & Vision National Lottery Heritage Fund project to make the towns film and sound collections available.

Click here to listen

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