Children’s Art Competition – Barnsley Borough City of Sanctuary

As part of Refugee Week in June 2022, schools across Barnsley took part in a ‘Welcome To Barnsley’ art competition which saw 7 schools submit over 200 pieces of work. These are being projected in the Barnsley Museums Digital space in the Glass Works during the first week of August.

Barnsley Borough City of Sanctuary is part of the UK-wide City of Sanctuary organisation.

“Our vision is to make Barnsley a welcoming place of safety for all, proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence, war and persecution. We value diversity and are committed to justice and equality for all”

The seven schools which took part in the competition were: Worsbrough Common Primary School, Penistone St John’s Primary, Wombwell Park Street Primary, Greenfield Primary School, Outwood Primary Academy Littleworth Grange, Greenacre School and Springwell Academy

You can now view a gallery of images here:

Worsbrough Common Primary School - Millie

Some of the children from Worsbrough Common Primary School also recorded this fantastic poem

Learn more about the Barnsley Borough City of Sanctuary on their website:

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