A-Z of Experience Barnsley Collections

We thought we’d treat you to a very small taster of what you can see once we’re able to re-open Experience Barnsley. Almost everything on display has been donated by the people of Barnsley. In 2020 we have been working on the biggest updates to the gallery since the museum opened in 2013.

Please let us know which is your favourite object from the ones below, for those on Facebook you can follow the link to share your memories with other people

A – Azeem Rafiq

B – Bowler Hat

C – Clocking In Machine

D – Dancing Trophy

E – Eggs

F – First Aid Kit

G – Gas Mask

H – Humane Canary Cage

I – Iron

J – Jacket

K – Knur & Spell

L – Lamps

M – Mobile Phone

N – Needham Bros & Brown

O – Oaks Mug

P – Prisoner of War Tin

Q – Quilted Clothing

R – Redfearn’s Glassworks

S – Soap

T – Toilet


U – Underpants

V – Vest

W – Wristbands

X – Xylophone

Y – Yorkshire Area Mining Plate

Z – Zasada – Stanley Zasada 


Now you’ve read about some of our collections you can also listen to some of the donors speaking about what their objects mean to them:


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